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Autumn Habits To Get Into To Improve Your Health

posted on 1 September 2010 in Health and Beauty Articles

Now it's autumn (in the northern hemisphere at least!), now's a good time to start walking as a daily activity. And when I mean walking - I mean for a sustained period - at least 30 minutes. This ro...more info >>>

Quick Healthy Recipes Can Give You Great Skin

posted on 21 April 2010 in Health and Beauty Articles

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It often reflects our health and gives clues to us if there's something wrong. For example if you suffer an allergy, a skin rash can be a symptom of this. ...more info >>>

Aromatherapy can lessen food cravings

posted on 21 October 2009 in Health and Beauty Articles

A recent study at the St. George's Hospital in London showed that vanilla might aid in weight loss. Overweight people who wore vanilla-scented skin patches reported that they ingested s...more info >>>

Aromatherapy Key To Keeping Car Drivers Awake

posted on 2 August 2009 in Health and Beauty Articles

Interesting article about automated aromatherapy to keep drivers from nodding off at the wheel.... It is estimated that about 100,000 crashes a year are caused by sleepyhead driver...more info >>>

Aromatherapy can be found in natural surroundings

posted on 28 April 2009 in Health and Beauty Articles

Natural smells from flowers, trees and herbs give off their own aromatherapy. However, many people live in cities where it's more a case of "aromatoxicity" than aromatherapy. In that case, you to br...more info >>>

How to get a good night's sleep

posted on 26 April 2009 in Health and Beauty Articles

Many people suffer from sleeplessness, which can ruin your waking day. Being on subpar energy throughout the day means you're irritable, can't concentrate, and simply enjoy things less. So, ho...more info >>>

How to Give the Good French Manicure

posted on 27 March 2009 in Health and Beauty Articles

You will first need to purchase the nail polish. The first color should be something that closely matches your nail bed color. My nail beds have a pinkish tint, but sometimes in the summer I choose a ...more info >>>

How to cure anxiety and nerves with essential oils

posted on 26 February 2009 in Health and Beauty Articles How to cure anxiety and nerves with essential oils

The use of essential oils through aromatherapy has been found helpful for many people in calming nervous anxiety. Some essential oils are stimulating, uplifting or invigorating, but tod...more info >>>

How to stay healthy this winter

posted on 1 November 2008 in Health and Beauty Articles

Tips on staying healthy this coming winter include use of essential oils.... The most important thing to do is abyangha (self-massage). Pure organic essential oils smell good, but the...more info >>>

Alternative to Botox - Strong LED Lights

posted on 31 October 2008 in Health and Beauty Articles

Scientists in Germany, meanwhile, believe that they have discovered how strong light from LEDs may offer an alternative to Botox for wrinkles. Intense visible light has been used for 40 ye...more info >>>