Quick Healthy Recipes Can Give You Great Skin

posted on 21 April 2010 | posted in Health and Beauty Articles

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It often reflects our health and gives clues to us if there's something wrong. For example if you suffer an allergy, a skin rash can be a symptom of this.

Quite often, it's simply bad habits that give us bad skin. A bad diet can result in blocked skin pores, which in return result in blackheads and acne.

Even if you don't suffer from these skin conditions or allergies, your skin can look lifeless if you're lacking the necessary vitamins in your diet.

We could recommend you creams and essential oils to help your skin, but this would be no good if your diet is working against your skin. So first of all, we recommend you review your eating habits first if you want healthy, radiant skin. For healthy eating, the best habit is to cook yourself. That way you know the ingredients are fresh. And yet, when we give this advice, many people complain that they don't have the time to cook. Quick healthy recipies are everywhere however - food you can prepare and cook in just minutes. Good cooking habits will greatly contribute to not just your skin's health, but your overall health too. And the more energy you have, the easier everything is to do.

Also be aware of the environment when it comes to your skin. Cold and windy weather will dry your skin out, so a moisturiser will help hydrate the skin in those situations. A humidifier can also help hydrate the skin if the atmosphere in your house / room is rather dry and stale.

Finally a bit of sun is very good for the skin. The vitamin D will keep your skin healthy. Don't be afraid of the sun and all the advice about not staying out for too long in the sun. Of course this is correct, but it doesn't mean SOME sunshine is bad for you - quite the opposite, as our skin needs some sunshine.