How to Give the Good French Manicure

posted on 27 March 2009 | posted in Health and Beauty Articles

You will first need to purchase the nail polish. The first color should be something that closely matches your nail bed color. My nail beds have a pinkish tint, but sometimes in the summer I choose a beige color to match my tan skin.

The second color is white. The last is a clear polish, to seal in the two other colors and give shine to the nail. You can also get
french manicure
kits with all three colors included. I prefer buying them separately. It costs less.

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before you start the process. Lightly push the cuticle back. If you choose to buff the nail it will make it appear more shiny at the end of the process.

Put on the first coat that matches your nail bed. I usually only use one coat. It all depends on the nail polish and how thick it is. If the white tip of the nail cannot be seen, the first step is done.

Now your nail is ready for the white tip coat. Try not to cover the complete white tip of your Nail Pedicure. The first color hides where it ends. This makes your fingers and nail beds seem longer and thinner. At this point you should let the colors both completely dry. I would wait a full ten minutes, just to be sure.

Cover the entire nail with clear nail polish to seal the nail and add a glossy shine.

Do not be concerned if one or two nails are not perfect. Just put nail polish remover on a cotton ball, clean the area and try again. You will be surprised at how quickly you can learn to do this yourself. It is fun and at the same time you have the extra money from not having to pay for a trip to the salon.

Consequently the experts advise a wide range of Manicure
for dry, oily, sensitive skins.